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Technology company specializing in a development and assembly of circuit boards.

Your trusted partner from idea to the final product.


ISO Certificates

The awareness of the importance of quality is constantly growing among customers. From their suppliers, they expect that products and services comply with the highest quality standards. Of course, they…
SMD Assembly

A New Machine

In line with our reasoning behind expanding our manufacturing facilities, we also invested in a new machine that will increase our production capacity by at least 20%.



Our innovative circuit boards can be found around the globe, incorporated into all manner of high-tech items.

We are constantly expanding our knowledge, educating our team, and perfecting our work. Since it’s founding in 2016 Lepton-Quark has steadily grown. And by connecting with the leading providers of electronics components, we offer our customers integrated solutions. We work with them from the initial idea, through implementation, production logistics, and all the way to the final product.

We are the right choice for all technologically advanced EMS products and we always tailor them to your needs.

SMD Line


Why choose us ?

  • Our extensive knowledge of the Slovenian market
  • Our professional communication and collaboration with customers
  • Our talented staff and well-qualified management
  • Our flexibility
  • High-end equipment
  • Proved quality
  • Openness
  • Extensive knowledge
  • Good geographical position
  • Our network of remarkable partners from previous projects
  • We offer everything from the idea to the final product in one place.

We’re the partner you’re looking for

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Lepton-Quark d.o.o.
company for assembly of circuit boards

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    +386 1 810 20 94 - Warehouse
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